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The information contained on this website is intended to be a summary only.  In case of a difference, actual Plan Provisions will apply.  Always refer to your Summary Plan Description for details.


Health & Welfare

Plan Benefits

The Health and Welfare Plan offers the following types of benefits:

There are several different levels of benefits under each category listed above.  Your particular combination of benefits is determined by the collective bargaining or special agreement under which you work. 

Only the plans for active employees include disability and life and AD&D insurance.  Retiree plans cover medical benefits only.  COBRA plans include medical only or medical, dental and vision.  Disability coverage provides the same medical dental and vision plan that you were on when you became disabled. 

For an overview of each type of benefit, see the individual pages.  For detailed information about the benefits review your Plan Booklet or the Plan Documents.

How It Works

Participating employers make contributions for each participant according to the collective bargaining or special agreement.  These contributions are either an hourly or a flat monthly rate.  Certain agreements call for employees to pay a portion of the contribution. 

Who's Covered

Health and Welfare benefits are available to the following participants/dependents:

  • Active employees with contributions made under a collective bargaining or special agreement; or

  • Retirees who have been eligible for 60 of the last 84 months or who have had 25,000 hours with Health and Welfare contributions and who elect coverage and pay their retiree portion; or

  • Employees who qualify for benefits under the disability plan (6 months maximum); or

  • Terminated participants or dependents who elect to COBRA self-pay for the allowed amount of time and pay their premium in a timely manner.

See Who's Eligible for an overview on who is eligible for benefits under the Plan.



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