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Medical - Filing a Claim

Assigning Benefits

Many health care providers will bill the Plan for you for the services you receive.  This is referred to as "assignment of benefits."  Most providers will want to see and/or photocopy your insurance card.  (If you need a card, please call the Trust Office.)  From the insurance card they will obtain the policy number, the participant's employee ID number, and the address for claims to be submitted.   The provider will usually ask for you to pay the deductible and any non-covered expenses at the time of service.  The provider will send the bill to the Trust Office for payment.  When the Trust Office pays the provider, you will receive an Explanation of Benefit (EOB) in the mail.  Please review the EOB to ensure that the services you received were properly billed and paid for.

Getting Reimbursed for Medical Bills You Have Paid (Unassigned Benefits)

If your health care provider does not bill insurance, be sure to get a complete itemized statement that includes:

  • Date of service

  • Medical codes - Current Procedural Codes (CPT)

  • Diagnosis codes

  • Provider's Name and Tax ID number

  • Participant's employee ID number printed on the insurance card

  • Patient's name and Date of Birth

  • Notation that payment was received or a receipt

The Plan can not reimburse you from any receipts/statements that does not include this information.  You may submit the bill to the Trust Office for reimbursement via fax, mail, or in person.  A reimbursement check will be mailed directly to you when the claim is processed.

Filing an Annual Medical/Dental Claim Form for the Patient

For prompt processing of your claim, make sure that the patient has an updated Annual Medical/Dental Claim Form filed with the Trust Offices.  This form must be updated at least once every twelve months or whenever the information changes, such as a change in your spouse's insurance.

Submitting Your Claim Form

Mail or fax your completed claim form(s) to the Trust Office as listed below:

Fax:     (907) 278-7576

Mail:    Alaska Electrical Trust Funds

                        Attn: Claims

                        701 E. Tudor Suite 200

                        Anchorage, AK 99503




More Medical Benefits Information

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