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Prescription Drugs - Using Caremark

Through Caremark (formerly Advance PCS), the Plan has negotiated prices for most medications and is charged a lower amount for prescriptions purchased from a network pharmacy.  To locate a member pharmacy near you, check Caremark's website at www.caremark.com.

When you go into a network pharmacy, present your Health & Welfare ID card to the pharmacist so he or she knows you are an Alaska Electrical Health & Welfare Plan participant. They will process your claim immediately, apply the negotiated discounts and charge you for your co-pay. The remainder of the claim will be paid by the Plan and you do not need to file a claim.

If you forget to use your card, or if you use a non-network pharmacy, you will have to file a paper Prescription Claim Form with Caremark. The Planís payment will be based on the negotiated discounted rate. In most cases, the contracted rate will be less than the full retail charge and you will be responsible for paying the difference in costs.  By using a network pharmacy your payment will be limited to the co-pay.

You may also save money by using Caremark mail order to fill 90 day prescriptions.  To fill a new mail order prescription, you must submit a Mail Order Form and provide an original doctorís script which indicates whether a brand name drug or a generic is appropriate.  When you need a refill, simply call Caremark at 1-866-818-6911 or log on to their website to reorder. Your prescription will be sent to you via the US Postal Service or through a delivery service if special handling is required.

Contact Caremark

To contact Caremark you may call or visit their website:

      Customer Service                 1-866-818-6911



More Prescription Drug Benefits Information

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