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The information contained on this website is intended to be a summary only.
In case of a difference, actual Plan Provisions will apply.
Always refer to your Summary Plan Description for details.

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Legal - Who's Eligible

Eligibility in Plan

Your Legal Plan is financed by contributions made by employers as specified in their Labor Agreements with Local 1547 or Special Agreements with the Alaska Electrical Trust Funds.  Some Agreements specify that Legal contributions are paid as a monthly flat rate (monthly contributions) and some specify that Legal contributions are paid as an hourly rate (hourly contributions).

It is your responsibility to check with your employer, the Administrative Office, or Local 1547 to make certain that Legal contributions are being made for you by your employer.

To be eligible for benefits from your Plan, you must have worked a certain minimum number of hours in previous months and your employer must have contributed and reported the hours for you to the Fund.  You will be eligible for the benefits of your Plan if you meet the following monthly contribution eligibility rules or the hourly contribution eligibility rules. 


Eligibility - Monthly Contributions

As an eligible employee covered by an agreement calling for a flat rate monthly contribution, you will usually be covered on the first day of the calendar month following the calendar month you worked the required number of hours (e.g., work during September provides coverage for October).

Your coverage will usually terminate on the last day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which you last worked (e.g., if employment is terminated in June, coverage is provided through July 31).  Review your collective bargaining or special agreement for details.


Initial Eligibility - Hourly Contributions

You will be covered on the first day of the second calendar month following accumulation of 360 or more work hours (reported and paid to the Fund) within a consecutive three month period. Example:

The lag month is necessary for the processing of reported hours by the Trust Office.


Continuing Coverage - Hourly Contributions

When you have met the initial eligibility requirements as stated above, your coverage can be continued in two ways:

(A) By work hour credits – you will be eligible and covered as long as you have 120 or more hours in your Hour Bank account. 120 hours is deducted from your Hour Bank account for each month you are covered. The lag month continuously applies in computing your coverage by work hour credits.
(B) By self-payment – if you do not have 120 hours in your Hour Bank account, you may self-pay to maintain your coverage. Self-payments can be made for the eighteen months following the last month you were eligible. (See self-payment rules.)


Bank of Hours - Hourly Contributions

All hours worked and reported are credited to your Hour Bank account. 120 hours are required to provide you with one month’s coverage. All hours worked in excess of 120 in any one month remain in your Hour Bank, which will provide coverage during months of unemployment.


     Hours worked in month      160.0          The 40 hours remaining
     LESS: coverage hours        120.0          are in your Hour Bank
     Remaining hours                   40.0          for future coverage.

The maximum number of hours that you can accumulate to your credit at any one time for coverage purposes is 960 (which is equivalent to 8 months), after deduction for the current month’s coverage.


Dependent Eligibility - Monthly and Hourly Contributions

Your dependents are eligible when you are eligible. Generally, dependents are defined as your legal spouse or your unmarried children less than nineteen (19) years of age, provided they are not in the Armed Forces. Eligible children, in addition to your natural children, include legally adopted children, step-children or foster children or children for whom you have legal  guardianship.  In order to be eligible, dependent children must live with you and be chiefly dependent on you for support and maintenance.

In additional, the following are eligible dependents:

  • Unmarried children who are attending school full-time are eligible until their 24th birthday or the last day they are full time students, whichever is earlier
  • Your children age nineteen (19) and over who are incapable of self-sustaining employment because of mental retardation or physical handicap. The incapability of the child must have commenced prior to attaining the maximum age of nineteen (19) and the child must have commenced prior to attaining age nineteen (19)  for a dependent child. Coverage is not automatic; you must submit proof to the Administrative Office at least 31 days prior to the child’s attainment of age nineteen (19)

Grandchildren and children of dependent children will only be covered if you or your spouse has legal guardianship of the children.  This coverage is not automatic.  You must make specific application to the Fund.

NOTE: The Plan may request proof of dependent status, such as a marriage certification for a spouse, a birth certificate for a dependent child, or a school certification for a dependent child between the ages of nineteen (19) and twenty-four (24).  A custody order or divorce decree ma be requested to ascertain if a dependent is eligible under this Plan.

Your dependent's coverage will end on the last day of the month following the earlier of : (i) the month in which the dependent ceases to be eligible, or (ii) on the state of your coverage terminates.




More Legal Information

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