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Life Events - Marriage

Enroll your spouse for Medical, Dental and Vision benefits

To add your spouse to your coverage, you must update your Enrollment Form.   Include a copy of the state-issued marriage certificate when submitting the enrollment form.  You may fax in the form and state-issued marriage certificate to enroll your spouse but the original enrollment form must be mailed in to change your Life Insurance beneficiary.

If your spouse already has coverage, you may wish to review how to coordinate benefits with his or her health insurance.

Complete and submit the Annual Medical/Dental Update Form

Claims for your new spouse will not be processed until the Annual Medical/Dental Update form is received at the Administrative Office. 


Change your beneficiary designations

You may complete the following forms if you wish to change your beneficiary designations.  Please note that the Administrative Office must receive the original form to change a beneficiary.

*Life Insurance

  (Health Plan)

Enrollment Form (Plans 500, 551-554)

*Money Purchase Plan

Enrollment/Beneficiary Form

*Pension Plan

Enrollment/Beneficiary Form

*Important note: In order for enrollment forms to be accepted, all sections must be completed, a beneficiary listed, a percentage listed for each beneficiary, and the form signed and dated. The Beneficiary designation section is considered a legal binding document therefore it cannot contain any white out, mark, or cross outs in this section. If mistake is made in this section a new form must be completed.

Prepare or update your will

If you have Legal coverage, now is a great time to update or have a will prepared using your Legal benefits. 

Change your mailing address

Fill out the Change of Address Form if your address is changing and you are not enrolling your spouse or changing your beneficiary.



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