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Life Events - Change in Employment

Keep your mailing address current

Please keep your address on file at the Administrative Office current after you terminate employment with a participating employer.  This will ensure receipt of essential correspondence from the Administrative Office, such as:

  • Quarterly Money Purchase Pension Plan statements

  • Annual Pension Plan statements

  • Notification of plan changes

  • Explanation of benefits for health benefits (if continuing coverage)

Should you need to update your address, please mail or fax a Change of Address form.




Continue your medical coverage through COBRA


If you are a participant in the Health & Welfare Plan, you may continue your Dental, Vision and/or Medical coverage through COBRA self-pay for up to 18 months.




Review Money Purchase options


You may have the funds in your Money Purchase Pension Plan account distributed to you if you are terminated from your employer and you have no hours of service at the end of any six month consecutive period.  The Trustees may waive the six month waiting period if you request the waiver in writing, certify that you are and have been terminated for at least 45 days from the date of your request, and supply proof and certification that you would suffer severe financial difficulties without a waiver.


You must apply for the distribution and elect a form of payment.  Please review Initiating a Distribution, the Summary Plan Description for details, or call the Administrative Office and ask to speak with a Pension Representative.



Continue your legal coverage through self-pay

In the event your legal coverage ceases due to termination of employment or reduction in hours, the Administrative Office will send a termination notice.  You or your dependents have 30 days from the date of the notice to make payment to continue coverage.

Legal coverage can be continued by "self-paying" for up to 18 months following the last month you were eligible through your employer or hour bank.  Please contact a Legal Representative at the Administrative Office if wish to continue your Legal coverage.



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