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Money Purchase - Reciprocity

Reciprocity is designed for people who wish to work outside the jurisdiction of their local union fund.  Using reciprocity, benefits earned at a union fund a person traveled to (away fund) are sent back (reciprocated) to their home fund.  This type of reciprocity is referred to as "Money Follows the Man". 

To qualify for reciprocity, you must be working under the Inside or Outside Agreement through an IBEW Local that is signatory Electrical Industry Pension/Health &Welfare Reciprocity Agreement.  To determine if a certain Local participates in reciprocity, you may call their offices or call the Alaska Electrical Trust Funds and request the Reciprocity Representative.

Your "home fund" for money purchase pension is the union fund for the Local with whom you are a member and have credited service.  If you do not have credited service in that fund, then your home fund will be the fund with whom you have credited service.     

All of the hours and employer contributions paid in to the away fund will be forwarded to your home fund.  The employer contributions must be transferred from a like fund to a like fund ie health & welfare contributions are transferred from a health & welfare fund to a health & welfare fund.  However, if your away fund has defined contribution (money purchase) pension plan contributions and your home fund does not, those contributions may be transferred a defined benefit pension plan.

To initiate reciprocity you will need to go to a participating union hall or trust fund office with valid photo ID and sign up online using the Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System (ERTS).  Once you are enrolled in ERTS you may review signatory locals, request reciprocity, and release reciprocity with participating funds via the internet.

For further details on reciprocity, please review the Reciprocity section of the Summary Plan Description and the frequently asked questions about reciprocity.



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