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The information contained on this website is intended to be a summary only.
In case of a difference, actual Plan Provisions will apply.
Always refer to your Summary Plan Description for details.

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Pension - Initiating Your Retirement

It's best to contact the Administrative Office four months before your planned retirement date to request a projection and retirement application. You can prepare yourself for the retirement process by reading the "How to Apply for Retirement Benefits" and the "Payment of Benefits" sections of the Summary Plan Description. Under federal law, the Administrative Office may not accept applications signed more than 180 days before the date benefit payments begin.

Submitting An Application

After determining your retirement date and payment option, you may download the following forms or request these forms from the Administrative Office:

  • Retirement Distribution Request Form
    This form notifies the Administrative Office of what type of retirement option you are selecting, when you would like to begin your retirement, and list your beneficiary(s) and their mailing address(es).
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
    This form instructs the Administrative Office at which bank you would like your monthly benefit deposited.
  • W4-P
    This is a W4 for pensions.  It is needed to determine the amount to be withheld for federal income tax.

Please review the forms and contact a Pension Representative at the Administrative Office with any questions you may have about filling out the forms and the different retirement options.   The, Administrative Office may not accept applications signed more than 180 days before the date benefit payments begin.  In addition, your spouse must sign the Spouse Consent section before a notary public or a Pension Representative if you do not select one of the spousal retirement options.



Providing Documentation

When you submit the retirement application forms you will to need to provide proof of age documents for yourself.  If you are electing a Spousal Option, you will also need proof of age documents for your spouse.  In addition to proof of age, you need to submit a copy of your recorded marriage certificate.  If you divorced during your plan participation, you also need to submit complete divorce decrees, including findings of fact and property settlement agreements.  If you were divorced prior to your plan participation, only a copy of the decree is necessary.

Acceptable proof of age is as follows:

One Original:


Two Original:

Birth Certificate (issued from the State in which you were born)   US Census report that is at least 10 years old
Infant baptismal certificate   Naturalization papers
    Life insurance policies that are at least 10 years old
    Family Bible entries
    Marriage license (recorded copy)
    Early school records
    Affidavit of birth
    Social security information
    U.S. Armed Forces release

Electing Retiree Health & Welfare Coverage

At the time of your retirement, you may elect to enroll in the Retiree Health & Welfare Plan if you meet the eligibility requirements of the Plan. Please see Electing Retiree Coverage for details.







More Pension  Information

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