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Retirees - Direct Deposit Your Pension Check

It is mandatory to have your pension payments directly deposited into your bank account.  The advantages of direct deposit are:

  • It's timely - your pension will be credited to your account on the morning of the first of the month.
  • It's convenient - your pension check will be deposited to your account automatically each month - no trip to the bank.
  • You can track it - you will still receive an "advice" in the mail each month showing the amount of your payment.
  • It's reliable - direct deposit means you're not dependent on the mail.

Signing Up for Direct Deposit

Complete a Direct Deposit Form to start or change your direct deposits.  Please be sure to attach a voided check from your account to your Direct Deposit form.  The Administrative Office sends out pre-notes to  new (or changed) direct deposits on the 15th of the month.  If your direct deposit form is received by the Administrative Office prior to the 15th of the month, your direct deposit will begin with the first check following receipt of your direct deposit form.  If the Administrative Office receives your direct deposit form after the 15th of the month, your direct deposit will begin with the second check following the Administrative Office's receipt of your direct deposit form and a manual check will be mailed to your bank for the first check.



More Retiree Information

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