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Retirees - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return to work in the state of Alaska after I retire and continue to receive my pension payments?

You may not receive a pension payment for any month for which you were paid for more than 40 hours for one of the following job classifications that you worked within the state of Alaska:

  • in a job classification similar to those set forth in a Collective Bargaining Agreement or a Special Agreement, whether or not such employment is under the terms of a Collective Bargaining Agreement or in a supervisory capacity over such job classification
  • in the industry in which the participating employers participate (any business activity of the type engaged in by the employers maintaining the Plan)



My spouse was a retiree with the Pension Plan and has died.  Do I need to return his pension payment for the month in which he died?

No, you do not need to return the pension payment for the month in which he died; however, if you receive a payment for the month following his death you will need to return it.  Be sure to notify the Administrative Office as soon as practical of the death and you will be instructed how to proceed.



Do I need to enroll into Medicare when I enroll in the Retiree Health & Welfare Plan?

Yes, if you or your spouse are eligible for Medicare coverage, you must enroll in both Parts A and B of Medicare. Click here for Medicare Requirements.




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