Notices & Communications

The Administrative Office frequently sends notices to participating employers, updating them on changes in legal requirements, plan administration, or employer responsibilities.

AERSP Non-Discrimination Testing Protocols Notice | July 2021

To view an archive of past notices, contact the Administrative Office at (800) 478-1246.


To ensure payment of employee benefits, all employers signatory to an IBEW-NECA construction agreement must provide a $50,000 surety bond. Employers that are signatory to the IBEW-NECA Tree Trimmer agreement must provide a $20,000 surety bond. The bond may be purchased from the insurance or brokerage firm of your choice; however, it may not be canceled without the Trust Fund’s approval and original proof of the bond must be on file at the Administrative Office of the Trust Funds.

Please see your bargaining agreement for details on bonding requirements. Click here to download the Proof of Bonding form.

Employer Contribution Guide

The Alaska Electrical Trust Funds Administrative Office collects contributions from employers, and with those contributions administer the retirement, legal, health, disability and life insurance benefits to eligible employees and their families.

The Employer Contribution Guide was created to help participating employers prepare and submit their monthly contribution reports as well as information on submitting remittances, avoiding delinquency, a glossary of terms and frequently asked questions.

Employer Contribution Reports

Employers who have signed an Agreement or Letter of Assent to an IBEW/NECA Collective Bargaining Agreement must complete the ECR Excel Worksheet and upload it to the Employer Secure Portal each month.

Job Status Reports

Employers may be required to file a Job Status Report with the Employer Contribution Report (ECR) each month if your organization becomes delinquent. The Job Status Report form can be found in the appendix of the Employer Contribution Guide.

Annual Pension Summary Report

The Plan Administrator is required to file a report annually with the Department of Labor known as the “Form 5500 Annual Report” for the Alaska Electrical Pension Plan. This report contains information about the Plan’s financial health as well as demographic information about Plan participants and contributing sponsors.

Pension Summary Report 2023

For more information about this filing, and past Summary Reports, contact the Administrative Office at (800) 478-1246.

Contact List

If you have questions, contact the following people:

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IBEW Dues Office
(907) 7777275
Union Dues, Gross Wages, PAC, Benevolent Fund
Michelle Ledger
Alaska Chapter, NECA
(907) 561-1958
Misty Hokkanen
Alaska Electrical Trust Funds
(907) 276-1246 ext. 262
Contribution Rates, Special Agreements, H&W, Legal, Pension & Retirement Savings Plan
Contributions Department
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Employer Numbers, Templates, Electronic Reporting
Laura Horn
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