Find a Doctor

You may use any physician you choose; however, you can save money and avoid significant penalties by seeing a preferred provider. The Plan has different preferred provider arrangements based on location.

Our Preferred Provider Network

The Plan uses Aetna’s Choice POS II, a preferred provider network. Aetna is a large, nation-wide healthcare network that offers a wide choice of doctors and facilities and provides you and your dependents access to discounted pricing from providers that are part of their network.

ATTENTION – For services within the Anchorage/Mat-Su area, plan requirements to use the follow providers have not changed:

  • Alaska Regional Hospital
  • Mat-Su Regional Hospital
  • Chugach Physical Therapy
  • Ascension Physical Therapy
  • Alaska Hand Rehabilitation

As a reminder, if you do not use these providers for Covered Services as described in the Plan Booklet, your rate of reimbursement will be reduced.

Within the Anchorage metropolitan area, for hospitals, surgical centers and outpatient therapy providers the Plan’s Preferred Providers are:

Avoid Penalties and Reduction in Coverage

There are significant penalties if you choose to go to a non-Preferred Provider within the Municipality of Anchorage for either inpatient or outpatient physical or occupational therapy or imagery services. 

Contact the Administrative Office with Provider Network Questions         

If you need help finding a Preferred Provider, or have questions about using a non-Preferred Provider, or the penalty exception for services that are not available at the Preferred Provider Hospital or facility in Alaska contact the Administrative Office at (907) 276-1246 or by email at

Teladoc Virtual Care

Teladoc U.S. board-certified doctors can diagnose, treat, and even prescribe medicine, if needed, for mental health needs and a wide range of common medical issues, including the flu, allergies, rash, upset stomach, and much more. Visit, download the app or call 1-800-TELADOC (835-2362) to request a visit.

To learn more, visit the Virtual Care page.

Low-Cost Wellness & Minor Care

Through the Wellness and Minor Care Plan, you and your eligible dependents can obtain routine, minor and preventative care for $20 per person per visit at select locations.

  • Routine and Minor Care:
    • Including treatment for colds, flu, minor illness or accident, general minor medical care and x-rays or lab tests.
  • Preventive Care for Adults:
    • Including physical exams, mammograms and prostate-specific antigen testing, annual pap smears and associated lab and x-rays.
  • Preventive Care for Children aged 2 and over:
    • Including physical exams, sports physicals, and immunizations.


Coalition Health Center
701 East Tudor Rd
Anchorage, AK 99503
Tel: (907) 264-1370

Alaska Urgent Care
300 E. Dimond Blvd Ste 12
Anchorage, AK 99515
Tel: (907) 341-7757

Primary Care Associates
4100 Lake Otis Pkwy Ste 322
Anchorage, AK 99508
Tel: (907) 562-1234

Primary Care Associates (walk-ins only)
12350 Industry Way Ste 160
Anchorage, AK 99515
(on the corner of Huffman and Old Seward)
Tel: (907) 345-4343

Coalition Health Center
570 Riverstone Way #3
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Tel: (907) 450-3300

Coalition Health Center
1700 East Bogard Rd. Bldg A Suite 103Wasilla AK 99654
Tel: (907) 206-4601

Primary Care Associates
17101 Snowmobile Ln Ste 102
Eagle River, AK 99577
Tel: (907) 694-7223

Wasilla Medical Clinic
1700 East Parks Highway Ste 200
Wasilla, AK 99654
Tel: (907) 373-6055

To learn more about this benefit and what is covered, visit the Medical page.

Find a Pharmacy

The Trust has negotiated prices for most medications with Caremark’s network of pharmacies. To locate a member pharmacy near you, check Caremark’s website at

To learn more about this benefit and what is covered, visit the Prescriptions page.

Find Dental Care

There is no preferred provider for dental benefits. You may use any dental provider without an out-of-network penalty.  If you need help finding a dentist, check out this article from WebMD with tips from the American Dental Association.

To learn more about this benefit and what is covered, visit the Dental page.

Find Vision Care

Vision care is administered by Vision Service Plan (VSP), with a network of member optometrists and ophthalmologists who provide vision services at reduced rates.  You may use a provider that is a member of the VSP network, or you may use the provider of your choice; however, your co-payment rate may be affected.

To learn more about this benefit and what is covered, visit the Vision page.

Transcarent Planned Surgery Benefit

The Fund has contracted with Transcarent to provide employees, retirees and their dependents with access to high quality providers across the United States.  This includes access to centers of excellence as well as surgeons who are highly rated in the United States for their specialty.  

To learn more, call Transcarent at (855) 423-1299, email, or register for an account on

To learn more about this benefit and what is covered, visit the Transcarent Planned Surgery Benefit page.

Eligibility, benefit, or other questions?

Call (800) 478-1246 or email the Admin Office.