Legal Plan Overview

For eligible participants, the Legal Plan:

  • Pays a portion of your legal fees
  • Maintains a list of participating attorneys who have agreed to provide legal services at a reduced rate
  • Provides you with identity theft protection
  • Offers you resources to deal with life’s challenges through the EAP

Covered Legal Services

While the Legal Plan coverage is broad, the Plan does not pay for all expenses or all legal matters.  Please review the Legal Plan Summary Plan Description (LP-SPD) for a detailed explanation of your benefits.  Charges exceeding the Plan’s benefits are your responsibility, as are charges for legal services not covered by the Plan.

Covered Not Covered
  • Legal Consultation Services
  • Document Preparation – wills, powers of attorney, etc.
  • Divorce (limited to covered participant)
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal and Juvenile Litigation
  • Investigative Services and Expenses
  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Purchase or sale of primary residence
  • Legal services for your business
  • Suits against your employer, the Union, or the Trust Funds
  • Workers Compensation cases
  • Parking violations
  • Tax preparation

This is a partial list. Be sure to review the Legal Plan Summary Plan Description (LP-SPD) for additional exclusions and limitations before you use legal services.  In addition, there are consecutive year or yearly period limitations in the use of the Legal Plan for certain legal matters such as family law, felony, misdemeanor, and traffic infraction cases.

If you are unsure about your eligibility or whether the matter is covered, please call the Administrative Office at (800) 478-1246 and ask to speak with a Legal Plan Representative.

Find a Lawyer

You may choose your own lawyer. Some lawyers have agreed to reduce their regular rates for Plan participants. These “participating lawyers” are familiar with the Plan and its terms.

We’ve gathered lists of attorneys who have agreed to a reduced rate for Legal Plan participants by region. Note: Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or guarantee to the capabilities of the participating attorney.

Find a participating law firm in:

How to File a Claim

Claims for legal services must submitted within one year from the date of service.  If the Plan does not receive a billing within one year from the date of service, all of the charges will be denied by the Plan.  See Part I of the General Provisions of the Legal Plan Summary Plan Description (LP-SPD) for details.

To file your claim:

  • Have your attorney complete an Intake Form.
    • If you select an attorney who has agreed to reduce fees for Legal Plan participants, (a “participating attorney”) be sure to let them know you are a participant in the Alaska Electrical Legal Plan and that they need to file an Attorney Intake Form.
    • Note: If you choose a non-participating attorney, call the Administrative Office at (800) 478-1246 before your appointment to request necessary information to be forwarded to your attorney.
  • Complete the Participant’s Statement Form.
    • You must fill out a Participant’s Statement Form and submit it to the Administrative Office.

Forms & Documents

Find forms and documents in one convenient document library. Visit the Forms & Documents page to find forms, notices, and up-to-date documents regarding your benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the FAQ page. If you have further questions, please call the Administrative Office at (800) 478-1246 or email us.

Eligibility, claims or other questions?

Call (800) 478-1246 or email.