Ask for a PPO

Ask for a PPO

Tell Your Providers WHERE You Want Care

Unless you tell them, how will your providers know you want to get care at a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) within the Municipality of Anchorage?

Surgery in your future? Discuss these PPO options with your doctor:

  • Alaska Regional Hospital (ARH)
  • Alpine Surgery Center
  • Alaska Surgery Center
  • Surgery Center of Anchorage
  • Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer, AK

Having lab tests? Ask your provider to send blood, urine, culture, biopsy, or other samples to ARH.

Need an imaging test? Ask for a referral to ARH for X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, mammograms, or any other imaging tests.

Physical therapy ordered? Request one of these providers:

  • Chugach Physical Therapy
  • Ascension Physical Therapy
  • Alaska Hand Rehabilitation

The Out-of-Network Penalty Adds Up…Fast

If you use a non-PPO provider for services that are available at a PPO within the Municipality of Anchorage, you will pay more. Here’s why:

  • The amount the Plan pays for covered services (the “allowed amount”) is the PPO rate or 50% of the charges.
  • The Plan’s PPOs within the Municipality of Anchorage limit their charges for covered services to the PPO rate.
  • Non-PPO providers within the Municipality of Anchorage may charge what they’d like, but the Plan will only allow up to 50% of their charges. Plus, Plan payment on the allowed amount is reduced by 20%. You are responsible for paying any charges not paid by the Plan.

For covered hospital stays at a non-PPO facility, you will also pay a $1,000 penalty (per admission).

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